Californo Garzoni 280 Pizza Oven Brick Outdoor

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Imagine biting into delicious home-made pizza while surrounded by your closest friends and family.

Imagine their mouths watering at the rich and subtly smoky flavour of the pizza crust, and the crunch of its perfectly cooked toppings.

Imagine if you made that pizza yourself, in your own backyard! Now you can make that dream a reality whenever you want with the Garzoni Pizza Oven.

FREE GIFT INCLUDED: Order today and receive a Tavola Steel Base so that you can be ready to cook in under an hour.


Why choose the Californo Garzoni 280 Pizza Oven?

Having a wood-fired pizza oven in the comfort of your own home doesn't have to cost you a fortune. This oven kit results in a durable oven that is long lasting and requires zero maintenance.
The Garzoni-280 is a medium-sized residential oven, perfect for those who like to host large family gatherings, as well as the occasional neighborhood barbecue.


Versatile To Your Desires

With the Garzoni-280 pizza oven kit, you can cook more than just the perfect home-made pizza. Create everything from roasted meats and vegetables to braised dishes and casseroles.


One-Stop Shop

When you purchase this easy-to-assemble pizza oven kit, you will get everything you need to install a fully insulated pizza oven cover in your own backyard! This oven can be integrated as part of the outdoor kitchen or installed free-standing on a custom base.


Warranty Included

As with all our ovens, the Garzoni-280 comes with a 5-year warranty for the dome and a 1-year warranty on all other parts. Plus, you get more oven for your money. Compare the cooking surface area to the dome thickness and see for yourself!


Free Next Day Delivery

Order before 2pm today and you can expect delivery tomorrow. Tracking information will be provided upon dispatch.


  • Product Type: Built-In
  • External Material: Cement
  • Maximum Temperature: 1300°F
  • Assembly Required: Yes

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Assembly Manual
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Interior width Interior depth Exterior width Exterior depth Cooking surface area
28" 32" 32" 34" 732 square inches

What's In The Crate?:

  • Oven dome, single piece (seamless)
  • Tavola Small Steel Base
  • Oven cooking surface made of our unique commercial grade fire pavers - 2" thick
  • Chimney adapter
  • Cast iron oven door
  • Under cooking insulation blocks
  • Insulation blanket rolls to cover dome at 3" total thickness
  • Heat resistant mortar

Crate size: 47" x 47" x 30" Height